EA³ Tool and Repository

As described in the EA³ book, a mature EA practice needs an on-line EA repository and support tools in the EA program and the documentation of EA components.

The EA3 Approach suggests using the Living Enterprise EA repository design pattern with hierarchical rows and functional columns.

The design of the Living Enterprise EA repository may look similar to Zachman’s classic framework, in that it uses hierarchical rows and functional columns. However, it is different in that:

Living Enterprise
  1. it is based on a separate meta-framework (the EA3 Cube Framework);
  2. it uses three hierarchical levels;
  3. the functional columns are not based on basic interrogative questions, but on the 5 layered cube with one or more cross-cutting layers (EA3 default includes security). Other columns can be added;
  4. the cells of the matrix are changeable and are often populated with EA documentation that represents composite views of several types of primitive models;
  5. it has areas for additional information on the EA program; and
  6. it is designed to be implemented as a website and therefore has navigation and version control features.

These six points are the basic Living Enterprise EA repository design rules, and can be seen as a way to measure conformance and compliancy of EA3 implementations.

The QualiWare EA Repository

The classic QualiWare Enterprise Architecture Framework. QualiWarqwframeworke’s tools offer support for EA³.

Providing easy access to EA documentation is essential for use in planning and decision-making. This can be accomplished through the establishment of an EA repository to archive the documentation of EA components in the various areas of the EA framework. The EA repository is essentially a complex database that stores enterprise information, and exposes it via a website or other relevant channels such as tablets.

Using a holistic approach to Enterprise Architecture as a strategic initiative has become increasingly more popular among QualiWare users. The QualiWare toolset is being used for building and maintaining the Enterprise Architecture repository including all aspects of the enterprise such as strategy models, process architecture, application architecture, information architecture, organization architecture and infrastructure architecture. In security architecture and risk management the tool and repository covers features such as Risk Heatmaps to show the risk profile for a business area, and Control Coverage Maps to show the combination of the residual risk with the level of investment required to achieve that risk level. Due to the strategic nature of the EA work the results are often materialized in new initiatives and business transformation projects.

A typical scenario for mid-size to large size enterprise using QualiWare for EA or business transformation projects starts with a decision on the modeling standard (metamodel) to be used. Then the project model is decided and the tool is automatically configured to support this setup. When the analysts and designers have started building and approving models these models are published to the web by the QualiWare publishing server and the relevant employees or projects stakeholders are able to browse the published models, and also provide feedback or updates to content and relationships from their web browser.



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