EA³ Value Chain and Functional Decomposition

The two key core mission areas of activity of the EA function are 1) the documentation method responsible for the documentation and assessment of the various current and future state as well as the EA Management plan; and 2) the management processes that will support the use of the governance functions responsible for bringing about the changes that will deliver the target state.

The EA Element Management and EA Program Management are key underlying EA specific support activities required to plan, track and assure the ongoing success of the core mission EA function activities.

The Value Chain for EA as suggested by Woodworth (to be updated for EA3 v2):


The EA function’s activities are drawn in the value chain landscape diagram to illustrate the sequential nature of the documentation method and management process, and the parallel and sequential nature of the supporting standards management documentation activities.

Decomposition of EA Management functions (must be updated for EA3 v2):


EA³ v2

First Level EA Management Functions

  • Analysis and Design Management
  • Management Process Support
  • EA Element Management
  • EA Program Management

First, Second and Third Level Functions

  • Analysis and Design Management
    • EA Components Management
      • Identify and Review Existing Documentation
      • Document and Assess Current Architecture
      • Document and Review Future Scenarios
      • Document Future Architecture
      • Document the EA Summaries and Sequencing Plan
    • EA Tool amd Repository Management
      • EA Tool and Repository Planning and Acquisition
      • EA Tool and Repository Implementation and Configuration Management
      • EA Tool and Repository Use and Maintenance
      • EA Rool and Repository Auditing
  • Management Process Support
    • Provide Planning Support
    • Provide Resource Management Support
    • Assess Business Case Solutions
    • Oversee Technology Solution
    • Provide Change Support
  • EA Element Management
    • EA Governance Arrangements Documentation
    • EA Framework Documentation
      • EA Framework Selection and Documentation
    • EA Best Practices Consolidation
    • EA Standards Management
      • EA Reference Model Review and Update
      • Standards Identification and Consolidation
      • Standards Forecasting
    • EA Artifact Guidelines Documentation
    • EA Methodology Management
  • EA Program Management
    • EA Planning
      • Customer EA Requirements Analysis
      • EA Documentation Project Scoping
      • EA Program Reporting
      • EA Inputs and Output Measures Tracking
    • EA Team Management
    • EA Maturity Assessment
    • EA Communications Plan Creation and Update

The right (or wrong) mix of these functions determines the success (or failure) of the EA practice.


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