QualiWare supports the EDGY-language created by the Intersection Group.

EDGY introduces a set of reusable Enterprise Elements as a simple but powerful graphical language everybody can understand and relate to. This is a tool that enables designers, architects and change makers to co-design a coherent enterprise by collaboratively exploring the most impactful perspectives and translating between them.

Facet elements:

  • Identity: describing the identifying elements that explain why the enterprise exists and what it seeks to achieve.
  • Architecture: describing the way the enterprise works and how its different parts fit together to deliver.
  • Experience: describing the way the enterprise seeks to appear in and add value to people’s lives.


Intersection elements:

  • Product: what we make, offer and deliver for people’s benefit.
  • Brand: our name and what it stands for, our reputation and image.
  • Organisation: a group of people working together to create intended outcomes.


Common base elements

  • People: individuals or groups of people relevant for the enterprise.
  • Outcome: a result, goal or change we achieve within our enterprise or its ecosystem.
  • Object: a object or entity that is relevant to our enterprise.
  • Activity: what is being done or going on in our enterprise or its ecosystem

QualiWare support for EDGY in QualiWare 10.9

A whole new set of desktops and dashboards have been developed together witht the Intersection Group, and the underlying metamodel have been updated to the latest version of “EDGY 23: Language Foundations”

The dashboards for the different EDGY maps have been updated to reflect the latest changes in the language, including the relationship between the different EDGY elements.

The EDGY overview desktop gives fast access to most recent changes, your maps, and to-do lists, as well as shows the amount and usage of content in the respository.

In addition, dedicated desktops have been created for each of the 3 facets, and for the base and enterprise level.

EDGY 23 in QualiWare 10.9

QualiWare support for EDGY in QualiWare 10.8

Example of an Enterprise Design desktop in QualiWare 10.8:


The EDGY-language has been incorporated in the QualiWare version 10.8 with a whole set of new diagram-templates for each of the EDGY-elements (click on the diagram to see an example):




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